Why Weird Girl Fiction Speaks to Something in All of us

Often borrowing tropes from the horror and supernatural, weird girl fiction doesn’t shy away from the ugly parts of womanhood. Iit hones in on them.


You used to weigh no more than a five-pound bag of Domino’s sugar—this your mother likes to tell you often, fondly, with nostalgia-stars in her eyes. Next to the baby picture is the middle school picture of you in your tennis team uniform. You, a just-hatched bird, were smiling; XS labels on all your clothes.

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    He gave up and called it off with a parting text. All the anger I had felt, trying to protect myself, made way for the sheer disappointment and sadness I felt at the end of this short lived romance.

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    I clicked on her profile, fulfilling some lizard-brain urge to snoop, and then did the one thing that we all have nightmares about, and accidentally followed her. I unfollowed within seconds, but her reflexes were sharp—and I was swiftly and quite rightly blocked.

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